Melbourne: past and present - hardback with dust jacket

Price: $29.95

Author: CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY Adam Lee, TEXT Sheridan Morris, LAYOUT & DESIGN Anna Dimasi
ISBN: 9781864765731
Binding: Hardback with dust jacket
Pages: 144
Size: 260mm x 254mm


Using modern photographic techniques, Adam Lee documents a changing Melbourne from the earliest years— capturing exciting close-up details of architectural and structural forms of major buildings within the city’s central business district.Achieving an interesting contrast by taking in many cases, photographs from the same position as those seen in the historical images. Panoramic and aerial views reveal comparisons of Melbourne’s growth.

Sample of montages from 'Melbourne Past and Present'alt

Author Sheridan Morris provides a brief chronological history, focusing on construction and general appearance of city buildings and how they exemplify Melbourne’s development and character. Her text includes detailed descriptions of architectural features, entertaining facts, and interesting excerpts from historical documents, adding to the reader’s enjoyment. The text reveals her natural sense of history and humour.

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