Australian Shipwrecks: a pictorial history

Price: $29.95

Author: Peter Christopher
ISBN: 9781864765885
Binding: Section Sewn with Gatefold Flaps
Pages: 132
Size: 260 mm x 253 mm


Australian Shipwrecks - a pictorial history brings together a unique collection of stories and photos. The book is not just about the lost ships, but contains tragic and often heroic stories of the men, women and children aboard them, and in some cases, their rescuers. The accounts of these wrecks form part of our social history, and provide an insight to our past unknown to many. Australian shipwrecks featured range from pre-colonial wrecks to modern steamships, with a special chapter dedicated to wartime losses


Not only are Peter Christopher’s stories well researched and fascinating, but the stunning collection of photos and sketches is presented in a single publication for the first time. Fraser Island itself was named after the survivor of a shipwreck. Eliza Fraser was heavily pregnant and went into labour during the days following the wreck while bailing water from the small boat. The baby was born alive but died very soon after. After about 3 weeks they landed on what was then known as Great Sandy Island.