ZEN and the taste of tea

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Author: Kako
ISBN: 9781864765946
Binding: A5 Papercover
Pages: 64
Size: 148mmx 210mm


Many people in the West find it hard to understand that for many hundreds of years in Japan, the simple partaking of a cup of tea, has been a ritual that has engaged all levels of society. The origins of tea drinking began in China and according to both legend, and fact, tea-drinking was introduced into Japan by Zen Buddhist monks who had studied with Masters in China. In Japan it became a ritual known as cha-n-yu.

Millions of words have been written about this ritual, and this small book serves as a simple introduction to a subject which can be either just a charming social practice, or one which challenges and intrigues the highest of intellectual sensibilities The author first studied Zen in Japan some thirty-five years ago

The author first studied Zen in Japan some thirty-five years ago. His Zen teacher was a priest and Abbot of a sub-temple within the famous Kyoto Daitokuji monastery. It was at Daitokuji that tea is said to have reached its highest development through masters who studied there. The author’s teacher, a man of the highest cultural attainment and understanding was himself a cha-jin, one who had studied and practised the ritual of tea. The author’s name‘Kako,’ is a ‘go;’ an artist’s name.