Tractors Through Time/ REVISED EDITION

Price: $29.95

ISBN: 9781864765113
Binding: Section Sewn with Gatefold Flaps
Pages: 132
Size: 260mm x 254mm


This beautifully illustrated book is a result of the author/photographers dedication to thetractor and its development. Enthusiastic support has been given from many sources throughout Australia.



 From the early 19th century the horse gave way to mechanisation. As a result Australiahas utilised tractors to satisfy all day to day farming needs. Australia’s reliance on the tractor has greatly infl uenced property size, crop selection andultimately the resourcefulness of our agricultural folk who, battling against many oddsgained the upper hand in feeding the country. In all farming communities, passion runs deep when the subject oftractors comes up. To understand this kinship with tractors one must have a level of knowledge in elementary engineering and the working of this glamorous tool of trade. If it’s colour photographs set in an exciting and efficient layout the enthusiast is seeking, then this is a must purchase.


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