Gems, Crystals and Minerals of the world

Price: $29.95

Author: Photography & Text Greg C Grace, Layout & Design Greg C Grace
ISBN: 9781864764857
Binding: Section Sewn with Gatefold Flaps
Pages: 144
Size: 254mm x 254mm


Here is your comprehensive guide to over 130 major gems and crystals as well as rare and interesting collection pieces.


With over 300 photographs and diagrams, this beautifully illustrated guide offers exceptional examples of natural crystals and cut gemstones. Covering mineral specimens, ornamentals, organics and precious gems, this book of highly visual impact goes further by providing specific detail on crystal therapy and Ancient Indian traditions of healing. The extensive and personally designed charts will guide the reader through astrological associations, colour theory and Chromotherapy.



Gems, Crystals and Minerals of  the world is a visually exciting book. It is the culmination of many years of research, exploration and study in gems and their properties for this photographic exhibition. Throughout the book there are clear explanations and examples, ideally suited for the recreational reader and the most enthusiastic specialist. Geology, Gemmology, Astrology and the Ancient Indian traditions all coalesce in this book about the world’s gems, crystals and minerals.