Holistic Life: sustainability through permculture, The

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Author: Ian Lillington
ISBN: 9781864764376
Binding: Threadsewn with Flaps
Pages: 144
Size: 255mm x 210 mm


 In this timely book, the author sets out the vision for a sustainable planet as well as methods we can all use to get there. The time has now come to get very serious about using alternatives and conserving what we already have, rather than living as if there is an unlimited supply of what we all know to be limited resources. Within this book are simple starting points which, when implemented, will be a small but significant change.


Some of the subjects covered to get you started to see a world of new possibilities:

• A different way of seeing the world

• Meeting new challenges

• Permaculture—an antidote to consumer society

• Feeding ourselves

• Growing your own

• Personal and household strategies for sustainable living

• Using less fossil fuel—understanding our energy addiction

• Villages within the city and community gardens

• Permaculture principles



Ian Lillington first heard about permaculture when working on an inner-city farm in Liverpool, England in the 1980s. Soon he was involved in the international permaculture network, applying its principles and practices to house and garden design and community development.

Ian began teaching permaculture on a Permaculture Design Coursein 1992 (in Manchester, UK), and then moved to Hepburn Springs, Australia to work with David Holmgren (co-originator of the permaculture concept). Ian then designed and built a demonstration house in Willunga, South Australia, where he also helped establish community gardens and a farmers’ market.

Now living in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Ian is active in a town where re-localisation is well underway, with an active Sustainability Group. He is employed as a project manager to assist with the development of small-scale housing clusters and other sustainability initiatives.

This overview of the scope of permaculture solutions is especially made real through Ian’s own experience in a wide range of locations.

Beyond this down-to-earth and practical approach, Ian’s simple explanation and interpretation of permaculture ethics and design principles provides an accessible insight into the theory of permaculture.

David Holmgren (co-originator of the permaculture concept).