Price: $9.99

Author: TEXT & COMPILATION Michelle O'Regan
ISBN: 9781864763768
Binding: Section Sewn with Gatefold Flaps
Pages: 276
Size: 210mm x 148mm


Interested in Australian miscellany and memorabilia? Australiabilia is a one-stop-shop of quirkiness, humour, language, history, geography, flora and fauna. From the largest island/smallest continent to the tallest, smallest, highest, driest onto the people and their unique cultural quirks ... as a bonus there's an Australiabilia Quiz  to see how much of this wonderful collection of miscellany you have remembered, or else you may like to intrigue your friends and family and guests on social occasions. 

Find out which is an even larger monolith than Uluru; how female convicts mooned the Governor of Tasmania in protest; what 'kangaroo' really means in Aboriginal; interesting tit bits about our Prime Ministers; the bizarre and intriguing marsupials; that Australia is home to the most venomous and poisonous snakes and spiders in the world ... there's something for everyone here ... a great book to take with you to the backyard dunny when you're just wanting a little 'me time'!

Makes a wonderful gift for both tourist and native alike!