Bushido: The Soul Of Japan

Price: $14.95

Author: Inazo Nitobe
ISBN: 9781864764765
Binding: Section Sewn
Pages: 128
Size: 210mm x 148mm


Bushido, the way of the warrior. A code of conduct and a way of life.

Inazo Nitobe (1862 – 1933) whose portrait was featured on the series D of the 5000 Yen banknote, was one of the first authors to write on the code of the Samurai for a Western audience and as such received wide acclaim upon its release. Bushido: The Soul of Japan was his most famous work.

“What is important is to try to develop insights and wisdom rather than mere knowledge, respect someone’s character rather than his learning, and nurture men of character rather than mere talents.” Inazo Nitobe

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