Master Class - Drawing the Figure from Life

Price: $29.95

Author: Gary Lee-Gaston
ISBN: 9781864765093
Binding: Threadsewn
Pages: 128
Size: 260mm x 254mm


Gary Lee-Gaston covers all areas of drawing the human figure, including materials and techniques, with the assistance of his own wonderful illustrations. This is a book that could well suit either the novice or those wishing to further develop their skills. Gary holds an Order of Australia for services to Art and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art, South Australia. He has won many awards for his art over the years.

“Welcome to the class—drawing the human figure from life.
Having been a working artist and sculptor for many years, I am convinced there is no substitute for continuously honing one’s observation skills;
Nothing takes the place of regular dedicated practice; with the artist following some basic principles regarding composition and proportion.
These few principles make it possible to quickly and effortlessly transfer onto paper what your trained "eye" perceives, capturing the rhythm, movement and personality of the human figure.”
Happy sketching!
Gary Lee–Gaston