Australian Collection - A B 'Banjo' Paterson Favourite Poems and

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Author: Andrew Barton Paterson
ISBN: 9781864764598
Binding: Thread Sewn / Gatefold Flaps
Pages: 192
Size: 210mm X 148mm


'Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong ...' the first line of Waltzing Matilda ...

'There was movement at the station for the word had passed around that the colt from Old Regret had got away', first lines from The Man From Snowy River.

These are only a few of Banjo Paterson's legacy in verse. He was not only a famous bush poet, but a writer and journalist. His focus was particularly on the bush and its unique characters and larrikins. This is a Collection of his verse and prose. It evokes the outback in all its glory and splendour.

A propos, do you know where he got his nickname ‘Banjo’? When he was having some success publishing his works in the Sydney edition of The Bulletin, Paterson used ‘The Banjo’ as his pseudonym, after a favourite horse.