Politically Incorrect - Words of Mass Deception Exposed!

Price: $7.99

Author: Michelle O'Regan
ISBN: 9781864764574
Binding: Thread Sewn
Pages: 302
Size: 145mm x 210mm


"Euphemism is a euphemism for lying" Bobby Gentry

When did telling the truth and calling a spade a 'bloody shovel' become politically in-correct?

Ambiguity - bureaucratese - buzzwords - cliches - doublespeak - gobbledygook - hyperbole - jargon - mumbo jumbo - vaguenesses - weasel words - yimmer yammer ...

We live in an era where many – or is that most – play loose with the truth. It is because they think we can’t handle the truth? That there’s no money in telling the truth? Or are they so delusional that they actually believe their own words?

This book is a ‘scrapbook’ of aspects of our lives in the early part of this millennium – a memorabilia of the insane, the inane and the profane – puppetry of the population coming soon to a public arena near you!

They’d have you believe:

  • You are being governed by politicians who care, and know how to steer the ship of government without it floundering;
  • Corporations DO have a customer service focus
  • Your call IS important to us
  • Managers are empowering their workers to synergise
  • Mass media IS in the business of balanced reporting
  • With this X-Y-Z thingy your life WILL be transformed
  • You too can find ever-after happiness with your soul mate by joining the we-take-you-for-a-ride online dating service
  • Toxic sludge IS INDEED good for you
  • You CAN lose weight as you sleep. Just send us your dough!!

Enjoy discovering this expose of our language and how it has been used, abused and misused to deliver the MESSAGE!