The Zen Master, The Potter and The Poet

Price: $29.95

Author: Milton Moon
ISBN: 9781864764536
Binding: Threadsewn
Pages: 234
Size: 250mm X 250mm



From left to right:  The Zen Master - The Potter, Milton Moon  -  The Poet, Harold Stewart 


In 1974 Milton Moon was awarded a Myer Foundation Geijutsu (Art) Fellowship to study in Japan. It was during this period he took instruction from a Zen Master, the Abbot of a sub-temple at the famous Daitokuji in Kyoto. The outcome of that study was an earlier publication, The Living Road, which dealt especially with Zen Meditation, a book which he describes as taking the form of two imagined work-shops, or retreats, offering the reader a ‘finger-tip taste of Zen.’

The Zen Master, The Potter and The Poet takes the reader into the subject of Zen and Japanese culture and pottery—both ordinary everyday potters and some who are designated Living National Treasures. The author also discusses the cultural development known as Mingei, the Japanese Folk Art movement; and the cultural world of Chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony. 

The final part of the book introduces the reader to the poet in the title. As Anne Deveson writes in her preface “The end of the book takes us on a totally unexpected journey, a series of letters between Milton Moon and the Australian poet Harold Stewart.” In Japan, Harold Stewart was highly regarded for his scholarly knowledge of Chinese and Japanese classical culture, and also of Pure Land Buddhism. For visitors from many parts of the world Harold Stewart was regarded as being Australia’s unofficial cultural ambassador in Kyoto.